President and CEO

chrisChristopher “Chris” Clark is the President and CEO for Subsidium. He is a senior operating and management executive with over forty years of achievement in challenging Federal, Military and Private Sector leadership roles. For the past year he served as Subsidium’s Chief Operating Officer prior to that he managed and led large DHS and NGB programs. Chris has served as the Vice President, Operations and as Program Manager for the TABSS contract at Zantech IT Services; the Senior Vice President for the DHS and DoD portfolio at Tysmmetry, Inc.; and as Director of Homeland Security Initiatives for Alutiiq, LLC.

Mr. Clark joined the private sector in November 2007 after serving his country in various leadership capacities. He spent five years working for the newly-created Department of Homeland Security where he was the Chief Staff Officer for Operations in the Transportation Security Agency (TSA); the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Border and Transportation Security Directorate (BTS); the Chief of Staff to Commissioner Robert Bonner and Acting Commissioner Debbie Spero at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP); and in his last position, Deputy Chief of Staff at U.S. Customs and Border Protection under Commissioner Ralph Basham.

Mr. Clark is a 26 year veteran of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), having retired after serving in numerous command and leadership capacities. He is a combat veteran of Desert Storm; having led boarding teams in both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea enforcing the embargo against the Saddam Hussein- led Iraqi government. Mr. Clark has extensive experience in operations, law enforcement, homeland security, search and rescue, command and control, training and Program Management. Chris can be reached at chris.clark@subsidium.us.


PEO Director

Caitlyn brings knowledge of program management and human resource experience to the Subsidium Team. After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast with a B.S. in Psychology, Caitlyn moved to the Washington D.C. area and started her career working as an Administrative Assistant/Recruiter. She was quickly promoted to Program Management Specialist, and became the Program Manager for seven contracts within the USCG, DHS NPPD and DHS CRCL. In 2016, Caitlyn moved to Crisis1 as a Management Consultant and supported contracts with DHS and the USCG. She supported DHS with Executive Order 13781, a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch. The intent of this Executive Order was to improve the effectiveness, accountability, and efficiency of the Executive Branch of the Federal government. Caitlyn joined Subsidium in October 2017 as the PEO Director of our division LaunchPoint, which provides comprehensive HR support, recruiting and patrol services to other companies. Caitlyn’s number one goal as PEO director is to ensure that all employees are receiving the best care and optimal customer service. Through taking care of the employees, she believes we all can Make Success Possible! Outside of work, Caitlyn enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her husband PJ, and dog, Hobbes.