Subsidium’s Professional Service Offerings are superior by far! We have highly qualified professionals, experienced in a vast array of varied aspects of the IT industry. These professionals work hard for Subsidium and you, the customer, alike to exceed your goals and objectives. Our Services include:

Communications & Network Engineering

Converged networking is a cost-effective alternative to traditional voice, video, and data services, enabling customers to make the best use of existing networking resources by integrating voice, video and data traffic. Learn more

Command & Control

Subsidium’s knowledgeable and experienced Operational Support Systems Engineers are ready to rise and meet any challenges your company’s unique project presents. Learn more

Project Integration

Subsidium is your best choice for project integration. From network architecture to problem analysis, let Subsidium provide the right solution for you. Subsidium provides guidance to our customers in the area of network design. Our engineers keep your staff involved throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring the design meets or exceeds performance and business objectives. Learn more

Operational Support

Subsidium recognizes that one of the biggest challenges that face our clients is the ability to identify qualified resources to support their day-to-day operations and to facilitate short-term problem solving. Learn more

Program Management & Business Process Transformation

Subsidium understands that effective Program Management and Business Process Transformation are critical success factors and involve potential redesign of core business processes to achieve improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. Learn more

Change Manangement & Strategic Transformation

Subsidium approaches change management and strategic communication from a systems perspective by evaluating the obstacles resident in the policies, people, plans and technologies that serve to undermine change management initiatives. Learn more

Intelligence Solutions

Subsidium will provide multi-spectrum solutions aimed to address our ever evolving National Security challenges. Learn more