Subsidium approaches change management and strategic communication from a systems perspective by evaluating the obstacles resident in the policies, people, plans and technologies that serve to undermine change management initiatives. Such assessments are necessary to identify real as well as perceived concerns by those who may be affected by the change. We will identify obvious as well as underlying issues that must be included in a transformation process. We also establish baselines to measure progress over the life of the engagement. Our goal is instill repeatable, measurable processes so that when the engagement concludes, clients continue to institutionalize and improve the transformation.

Working with client leaders, we help them understand the legitimate and perceived stakeholder concerns, and design and execute communication plans that are clear, concise, collaborative and comprehensive so that when the change management effort is executed, there will be a high level of support among those who may be affected. We establish governance frameworks in our communication plans that empower action by identifying specific accountability and responsibility for managing relationships between and among critical stakeholders.