Subsidium is your best choice for project integration. From network architecture to problem analysis, Subsidium provides guidance to our customers in all areas. Our engineers are involved throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring the design meets or exceeds performance and business objectives. During the implementation process, our project managers serve as the single point of contact while overseeing all implementation tasks. Our Team of engineers conduct Information Assurance (IA), IT Security, Disaster Recovery, IA Systems and Security Assessments, and are certified in all. Subsidium is experienced with the appropriate software scans and ensures the systems are within compliance of all policies in effect for each particular system. We provide Integrated Solutions Management to DoDIIS Baseline client and server builds (suitable for deployment as general purpose intelligence workstations & servers) that comply with the appropriate DoDIIS, Net Centric Enterprise Services (NCES), and general IT standards promulgated within DoD and the Intelligence Community (IC).